The Paseo Norte Gallery opened in the summer of 2018 with a focus on bringing emerging artists to the forefront of recognition. Located in Taos, New Mexico, the gallery is comprised predominantly of artists who have spent time or reside locally within Taos and environs. The gallery explodes with the vibrant sense of the color and light of the Southwest, with our artists' works reaching beyond the high chaparral of the Taos mesa to places such as the deep greens of Vermont and the maritime alps in the south of France.

Our artists capture the burst of sunrises and sunsets, the engaging intricacies of leaves and flowers, wintry nights shrouded in the glow of the full moon, photographs of mountains, the desert, wildfires and more. The entire gallery reverberates with color and a warm sense of comfort and well-being.

All of us in the gallery invite each of you reviewing this website to come in for a visit and enjoy the exhilaration of viewing new and emerging art by artists who are passionate about what they do and where they live.

Shipping and Returns

In order to continue supporting our artists in the gallery through these times of social distancing, we are offering cheap flat rate shipping options for the work we have here on the website. These rates will vary piece to piece. Please email or call us to inquire about the work you are interested in.

We will accept returns within 15 days of arrival. A full refund will be issued with a $35 return fee subtracted.


218 Paseo del Pueblo Norte, Taos, New Mexico 87571


+1 (802) 356 2922