Art is an image of the mind transferred to a visual image on a negative space. In this transfer the imagination changes the colors of nature to the artist pallete. Kasper has been painting for over 50 years. The paintings done are a chronical of a life. During this time the style and form of these paintings have evolved.

Kasper's paintings are in collections in Massachusetts, Vermont, Colorado, Illinois as well as France. Kasper has had one person shows in Chicago, including sculpture and paintings in the Art Institute of Chicago, Vermont, New Hampshire and Taos. Kasper lives and paints in Taos and wherever life’s journey goes. Most recently in Provence, France some of which are on exhibit in this current show. Enjoy the journey.

Winter of 2018

Two Horses and Stonewall
Along the River Brevera
Beech Trees
Stonewall and Olive Tree
Road into Village
Olive Grove

Fall of 2018

Flock of Ravens
Coyote Night
Gold Trees
Orchid Cow
Snow on Kachina Peak
Something to Crow About
Two Crows and Red Fence
You Are Next

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