Thomas Philip Laidig

Thom is a stone carver based in Trinidad Colorado. He describes his work as "Cataclysmic Geometry". He takes inspired impromptu shapes and turns the resulting mayem into interlocking order in the stone. Life has always seemed complex to Thom, yet within its twists dwells beatific calm.
Thom received a degree from U.C. Berkeley and currently works for the MARBLE/marble carving symposium in Marble Colorado.

Winter 2020

Please email us to inquire about discounts, shipping, and purchasing a piece at:

Senior Perfect - Yule Marble - 27"x12"x14" - $1800

Calve - Yule Marble - 8"x7"x2.5" - $500

Oolitic Lunch - Yule Marble - 32"x24"x3" - $2100

Fetish #2 - Yule Marble - 5.5"x6"x1" - $400


218 Paseo del Pueblo Norte, Taos, New Mexico 87571


+1 (802) 356 2922