Art is an image of the mind transferred to a visual image on a negative space. In this transfer the imagination changes the colors of nature to the artist pallete. Kasper has been painting for over 50 years. The paintings done are a chronical of a life. During this time the style and form of these paintings have evolved.

Kasper's paintings are in collections in Massachusetts, Vermont, Colorado, Illinois as well as France. Kasper has had one person shows in Chicago, including sculpture and paintings in the Art Institute of Chicago, Vermont, New Hampshire and Taos. Kasper lives and paints in Taos and wherever life’s journey goes. Most recently in Provence, France some of which are on exhibit in this current show. Enjoy the journey.


Ghost Trees: End of Winter 30 x 40 oil on linen 2021. These three trees stood ghostly white at the far end of a field of sage. Over years, the limbs decayed and fell. The trunks became hollow and the three ghosts were blown down in a winter storm.

Magpie. 30 x 38 oil on linen. 2021. One of the frequent winter birds in this part of the Southwest are magpies. Magpies chatter, whistle and are considered to be a remarkably intelligent creature that is able to recognize itself in a mirror.

Taos Pueblo. 38 x 48. oil on linen. 2020. The Taos Pueblo is the oldest continuously inhabited dwelling in North America. On Xmas Eve, the Pueblo open the doors to their ancestral home to anyone interested in watching and participating in the ritual holiday ceremony.


The Passover. 36 x 48 oil on linen. 2021 It has been said by many religious scholars that The Last Supper may have been a Passover Seder. The reason being is the close proximity of Passover to Easter. During the passover, a fifth cup of wine is left awaiting for the arrival of Elijah, the Messiah.

First of Spring. 38 x 30. oil on linen. 2021. On the high road to Taos is a pinyon covered field. Spring changes the dull winter green as the snow melts from the fields

San Geronimo Chapel: Taos Pueblo. 38 x 38 oil on linen. 2020. This historic chapel is within the confines of the Taos Pueblo. It has been the source of creative imagery by Georgia O'Keefe, Ansel Adams, Marsden Hartley and many other well known artists of the Southwest

The Golden Light. 24 x 30 oil and gold leaf on birchwood panel 2021. There is a path that follows the canyon walls above Veldez. Through the thick twisted foliage morning light floods the valley below.

Wolf Moon. 30 x 30 oil on linen. 2021. One name for the January full moon is Wolf. This comes from the native Americans and the known howling of wolves at that time of year.

Winter 2020

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The Road to There - oil on linen - 36"x48" - $2950

Spring Poppy - oil on canvas - 16"x20" - $695

Winter Apple Trees - egg tempura on board - 11"x14" - $325


Cypress Moon Sospel - oil on canvas - 24"x36" - $1250

San Geronimo Taos Pueblo - oil on linen - 28"x32" - $1495
Still of Winter - oil on linen - 24"x36" - $1395

Winter Upon Us - oil on canvas - 30"x40" - $1895

Field of Dreams - oil on linen - 38"x48" - $2750

Coyote Night - oil on canvas - 30"x40" - $1700

Best of Mates - oil on linen - 30"x40" - $1825

Last Stop Before the Canyon - oil on linen - 36"x48" - $2650

Supermoon - oil on linen - 26"x38" - $1450

Canyon Walls - oil on linen - 38"x44" - $2450

Canyon - oil on linen - 26"x38" - $975

Midsummer Colchester - oil on canvas - 24"x30" - $1250

Basque Corniche - oil on canvas - 16"x20" - $695

Basque Moonrise - oil on canvas - 16"x20" - $695

Flutter...Flutter - oil on linen - 38"x48" - $2950

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